We ask you to not attend the gym if you are feeling unwell, have a high temperature or new continuous cough. We commit to the wellbeing of staff and customers and therefore you will notice some changes around the place.

– Social distancing and contactless entry at reception using a new contactless QR code scanning system via the New Age Fitness App.
– Hand sanitising station at reception and located throughout the club that members will be asked to use.
– Members will be given their own spray bottles to use while in the club. All equipment must be sprayed down before and after use.
– Customers will be required to wear a face mask/covering in all areas of the gym including reception and changing rooms.

Following Government and leading industry guidance, face masks/coverings are not required when participating in exercise. Please continue to follow social distancing and sanitisation measures that are in place in these areas.

– New and improved cleaning measures will be put in place and carried out by staff throughout each day.
– Equipment will be appropriately distanced in the club and floor markings will be in place to help members adhere to social distancing.
– Class capacity will be minimised, and you’ll see floor marking in the studios.  There will be sufficient space between each class to allow for social distancing and we would ask you to not gather in groups whilst waiting for classes. There will be no sharing of equipment unless disinfected between uses. Classes can be booked via the New Age Fitness App 24 hours in advance.
– The ventilation systems in place operate to the required government guidelines and CIBSE COVID-19 Ventilation guidance.
– Studios will be fully sanitised after each class by members of staff.
– Changing and shower facilities open as normal however members must adhere to social distancing while using them.
– We will control the numbers in the gym any one time, so it never gets too busy. Should any additional measures be required to keep our members safe then we will put them in place without delay, although it is highly unlikely due to our clubs being very spacious, open spaces.

Management will be checking each area every 30 minutes to ensure that cleaning standards remain as high as possible. We reserve the right to section off certain areas of the club during the day to facilitate deep cleaning Disinfection Procedures – We will be completing daily overnight cleans of each area using a specifically formulated germicide that is used to sanitise and deodorise all surfaces in spaces such as hospitals and clinics. Every piece of equipment used in Group Fitness classes will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each class. Staff on the club floor will ensure used equipment is individually disinfected and we ask members to wipe down each piece of equipment they use before and after use. We will be providing hand sanitiser for our members to use as they enter and exit the gym. To help us keep our members safe, we ask that you respect the social distancing rules, and regularly wash your hands.

We adhere to the latest government guidelines in all our facilities and we require you to do the same.