Type: Cardio / Aerobic

Location: Upstairs Studio

Calories Busted: Up to 900 per class

Class Levels Available: Intermediate to Advanced

Gender: Male & Female

Spin classes are by far one of the most popular here at New Age Fitness. If you don’t know, spin is the term for indoor cycling and is a group class hosted up stairs in our spin studio by one of our fully trained and qualified spin instructors. Our spin cycles are fully adjustable no matter your size or shape and also have a drinks holder for your all important water bottle.

Spin is a cardio (aerobic) workout set to music and lasts between 30 to 60 minutes depending on which class is being taken. We also run beginners spin classes for member who have never been before and want to ease in gently before joining an intermediate class.

With some classes you need to have balance and rhythm but with spin you don’t need anything other than the spin bike we provide. You go at your own pace and are in full control of how much resistance you work with or how fast or slow you want to pedal. It’s also very low impact so if you have any issues with your joints, ligaments or legs then spin is ideally suited to you.

Throughout the class the workout is varied so you won’t be bored. At times you will be standing, sitting and sprinting all the time being lead by the class instructor who guides you and the rest of the class.

Spinning is non-competitive. Especially if you’re a beginner, remember that it will take a few weeks to build up your fitness level to be able to work hard for the whole class. It’s important not to jump in at the deep end so work at a lower intensity to begin with.

You can also expect to feel fatigue throughout your leg muscles when you’re newer to spin, even if you’re used to working out in general. But no matter what, don’t stop pedalling. At the very least, keep your legs moving slowly. So if you get tired, simply reduce your resistance and slow down to catch your breath.

You will also feel a little saddle soreness from the seat, and that’s very normal. After coming to class a couple of times that soreness will go away.

What to wear: Workout clothes (but no long/baggy trousers/shorts, because those can get caught in the pedals/wheels) and flat-soled workout shoes are a must. If you have them, padded cycling shorts will increase your comfort. But cycling shorts and shoes are not necessary, especially for beginners.

What to bring: At least one water bottle and a towel.