Type: Cardio / Aerobic

Location: Downstairs Studio

Calories Busted: Up to 500 per class

Class Level: Beginner to Advanced

30 minutes – that’s all you need to get your fitness fix when you attend a Metafit class!

It’s the original 30 minute, non choreographed, bodyweight only HIIT workout created by a former Royal Marine Commando, it combines the latest training techniques with traditional bodyweight exercises to set your metabolism on fire.

One thing people love about Metafit is that it produces incredible results in a short space of time. Instead of spending hours pumping weights or pounding away at a treadmill, Metafit is limited to half-hour high-intensity workout sessions. Essentially, it is an evolution of interval training, where you improve your endurance and strength by pushing your metabolism to the limit in small bursts. Many people prefer this approach to spending hours grinding away at the gym.

Don’t be put off by the fact that Metafit was developed by a Marine Commando! The great thing about Metafit is that the exercises involved can all be adapted to your ability and current level of fitness. Anyone can attend the class and come away feeling stronger, fitter and more confident.
What to wear: Normal gym clothing will do just fine

What to bring: At least one bottle of water and a towel