Type: Cardio / Aerobic / Stress Relief / Flexibility

Location: Downstairs Studio

Calories Busted: Up to 300 per class

Class Level: Beginner to Advanced

Balance classes are something a little different here at New Age Fitness. Along with improving overall fitness levels, the class focuses more on mind cantering and proper breathing techniques.

Classes last 55 minutes per session and begin with a tai chi and Pilates warm up segment of flowing moves. Next up we include a series of yoga movements to get things going followed by stretching and balance moves.

Once part one is complete the class moves on to the secondary segment which includes slow twists and bends to fully engage your core muscles.

Lastly the class finishes off with meditation and observation of the effects of the class on your body and mind.

The aim is to improve your cardiovascular fitness, reduce your stress levels and improve your body’s flexibility. It’s the perfect class for those living a stressful life and needs to unwind while also improving their fitness.

What to wear: Normal gym clothing will do just fine

What to bring: At least one bottle of water and a towel