Fatburn Extreme

FatBurn Extreme

Type: Cardio / Aerobic

Location: Upstairs Studio

Calories Busted: Up to 500 per class

Class Level: Beginner to Advanced

FatBurn Extreme (FBX) is a Scottish developed fitness workout that uses the after burn effect to shed calories for hours after you finish working out.

The brain child of local fitness guru Dianne Teo, it is a class that is spreading like wildfire not only here in the UK but across the world with new instructors and classes appearing across Japan, Australia and Thailand. And if a fitness programme from Scotland is being picked up in Asia where the martial arts were conceived you know it’s got to be good!

With over 40 years in the health and fitness industry, Dianne’s workout programme caters to everyone looking to tone up, shift excess body fat and improve their cardiovascular abilities. It’s a high intensity class that moves at a fast pace but never too fast for participants as everyone works to their own maximum, not the maximum dictated by the instructor. If you reach your peak and need a time out you take one, the key is to always be aiming for your max so your body is burning fat at its max too.

Come along and checkout a FatBurn Extreme class this week and find out why Scotland is making its mark on the world fitness map!

What to wear: Normal gym clothing will do just fine

What to bring: At least one bottle of water and a towel