Fiona Meikle



Fiona Meikle

Personal Trainer

Hi I’m Fiona, a personal trainer here at New Age Fitness. I first began my fitness journey in New Age when I was still at school and I was inspired by the personal trainers here to go on and become one myself. I’m now training to compete in bikini competitions and enjoy challenging and pushing myself the same way I encourage others. I have been training clients now for almost 3 years and continually find pride in helping people change their lifestyles and achieve their goals. Wether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle or training for a fitness goal I am here to help guide and support you along the way. My focus is to make every client feel they have the most support possible not just during sessions but outside of the gym too.


  • Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer
  • level 2 Exercise To Music
  • Body Attack
  • LBT
  • Circuits
  • Spin
  • First Aid
  • Weight Loss with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Toning


Email: Mobile: 07554146480